A Delicious Kale Salad Dressing

With so many health benefits to kale, it’s no wonder this leafy green has become the newest ‘superfood.’ Kale is rich in antioxidants with vitamins A, C and K. It’s also rich in iron, fiber and calcium.  There are many different kale salad recipes out there, as kale goes well with anything from walnuts, dried cranberries, apple, quinoa, cucumber or tomatoes.

It goes without saying that for any kale salad recipe, you will need a kale salad dressing that accompanies it well.  You can also try raw salad if you’re on a raw food diet or just want to make the most of the nutrients which are in your ingredients, especially the kale.

Kale Salad Dressing


The beauty of kale is that there are so many dressings that would match. You can keep things simple with just a splash of olive oil and balsamic for your kale. You could sweeten the dressing for kale salad by adding a teaspoon of honey to the mix, or adding a punch of flavor with some crushed garlic. Another way to add garlic to your kale salad dressing is to create the dressing about six hours beforehand and put it in a jar. Pop one whole clove of garlic into the jar and let the dressing sit in the fridge. When it’s ready to pour on the salad, it’ll have a lovely garlic taste to it. Using balsamic vinegar in your helps to break down the fibers in the kale salad leaves, therefore making it softer and easier to chew.

For something different, you could try more obscure ingredients. You could make a curry-flavored dressing with curry paste, vinegar and some super healthy ginger. It’s recommended to keep the recipe for this dressing relatively simple so that there aren’t too many flavors added to the mix, overpowering the taste buds.

Another option is to add a creamy texture. You can create a creamy texture by using mayonnaise, which you can make yourself if you’re trying to keep your recipe super healthy. Try adding mustard and lemon for a delicious strong taste, or for something salty you can add anchovy paste for something different. To create another type of creamy taste, you could whizz up some avocado with lemon and olive oil for a super healthy creamy dressing that doesn’t come with a load of (bad) fats.

You can be creative and don’t be shy about being adventurous. Just remember that choosing the right kale salad dressing can make or break your salad. Kale has quite a robust, sometimes bitter taste. So nut-based dressings are a good choice for your kale salad. This means that sesame oil is also a good choice, or along the same vein, tahini adds a delicious nutty taste that can be complemented with sprinkled dukkah or sliced almonds to top off a beautiful, healthy kale salad.

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