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Quick and Easy Roasted Kale Recipe

Quick and Easy Roasted Kale Recipe

Kale doesn’t really seem like the type of food that’s made for roasting. It’s a leafy green that looks better suited for salads and soups. But roasted kale is a healthy and tasty snack that’s not only a nice change from potato chips, but also provides good nutrition as its high in vitamin A, potassium and iron. When preparing this crispy treat, you can modify the recipe according to your preferred taste and adjust the recipe to suit the occasion. You can purchase kale at your local grocery store, supermarket or farmers market. It has gained a massive following over recent years and is considered to be one of the ‘superfoods,’ and is therefore becoming easier to come across than before.

Oven roasted kale is easy to make: the recipe calls for only a short list of ingredients, and only a small amount of time and energy. The main thing you need to take care of is to keep an eye on you’re the greens while they sit in the oven as you don’t want them blackened!

 Roasted Kale

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Kale Chips Nutrition

Kale Chips Nutrition

A snack that’s healthy, cheap, easy to make and delicious seems too good to be true. Which is why so many people are curious about kale chips nutrition. The kale chips nutrition facts can be difficult to understand because nutrient levels are affected by whether you eat choose to eat roasted kale chips or whether you consume the kale raw.

Kale has a natural deep color. This deep color means this leafy green, the latest food to acquire the ‘superfood’ label, has highly concentrated nutrients. So you can expect to find antioxidant and inflammatory properties for your body, and the best part is, these properties are only slightly diminished when you roast kale, unless you’re roasting your kale to a black crisp, which we don’t recommend for taste or nutritional reasons. The nutritional qualities doesn’t vary greatly once roasted from that of raw kale.

Kale Chips Nutrition

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You Say You Want a Kale Chips Recipe?

You Say You Want a Kale Chips Recipe

Kale chips are the go-to healthy snack of the new millennium Not only are they good for you, but they’re also tasty and crispy! Not only is roasted kale rapidly growing in popularity, but this crispy snack is much lighter than traditional potato chips, certainly less fattening and usually much thinner. To some people, green kale chips as an alternative to traditional potato chips may not sound appetizing, but we dare you to give this recipe a go and see what all the fuss is about! Once you’ve given it a try, you may find that a particular kale chips recipe has got you totally addicted.

We are going to give you step by step instructions on creating your own kale chips. This recipe is easy, and perfect for anybody who has never made them before.

Start with a bunch of kale leaves. In terms of the best types of kale best to use, we recommend using curly kale, which is often the easiest type of kale to find at your local supermarket or farmer’s market. However, feel free to try this kale chips recipe with different types of kale.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Tear the soft leaves off the stem into bite sized pieces – each one will soon be a kale chip. Put the torn leaves into a salad spinner, and give the kale leaves a good rinse and dry with your spinner. It’s important to remove most of the water and moisture from your leaves for this kale chips recipe. Too much water will cause the leaves to steam, rather than go crispy, which is not what you want for crispy chips! If you don’t own a salad spinner, you could use some paper towels to carefully remove any excess water.

Spray some cooking spray onto a large tray. Carefully place the dried leaves onto the tray, trying to spread them out as much as possible. For this kale chips recipe, it’s important to try and have the leaves laying flat which will ensure they go more crispy. Use the cooking spray to cover your leaves, or if you prefer, you could opt for avocado oil which adds a different flavor.

Add the kosher salt, which will help to remove any excess moisture while the kale chips are baking, and it will also stick to your chips better now, rather than if you were to add the salt at the end when the kale chips are already dry. You can also get creative with your kale chips recipe, adding garlic powder, parmesan, ground black pepper or perhaps even chili powder.

Most recipes call for leaving the tray in the over for about 12 minutes. If the kale chips are crispy around the edges you will know your chips are ready to be taken out. They will also make a scratching sound along the tray if they’re shaken.

Kale Chips

With kale being a very affordable leafy green, and available almost all year round, this kale chips recipe is an excellent alternative to traditional potato chips! Plus, you can make the chips yourself in less than 20 minutes!  Prefer something to quench your thirst after such a delectable crispy treat?  Check out our yummy kale juice recipe or one of our thirst-quenching kale smoothie recipes!