Detox Drinks for Cleansing, Weight Loss, and Daily Enjoyment

When it comes to cleansing your body, using detox drinks is definitely one of the beneficial and simplest ways out there. Not only detoxing with drinks can help you cleanse your body, they also help you lose weight safely and feed your body necessary nutrients and give your digestive system a break.

Whether you want to cut back on sugar, or want to flush out toxins from your systems, detox drinks can do the job perfectly. A great thing about detox drinks is they are a great regimen for cleansing and losing weight while being tasteful at the same time. What a great combination to ever have.

Everyone has a different taste so it’s hard for one recipe to cater to all. Therefore, we are going to introduce to you two recipes for tasteful and beneficial detox drinks.

Cocktail Detox

Recipe 1: Watermelon, lemon, mint leaves, and water

Watermelon: (A part of watermelon, 1 cucumber if you use cucumber instead of watermelon)

This fruit is low in calories and helps hydrate the body. It contains a high amount of lycopene which serves as a powerful antioxidant. The lycopene also helps prevent chronic diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease. The fruit also provides magnesium andpotassium – which play a significant role in detoxification and managing hydration levels andthe flow of blood.

The citrullinefound in watermelons helps the kidney and liver get rid of ammonia and other toxins. On another note, watermelons give your liver an overall boost. Cucumber also provides citrulline, but to a lesser extent.

Lemon: (1 to 2 lemons or limes)

Lemon or maybe lime juice is very helpful with constipation, gas, and heartburn as it regulates, stimulates your digestive track and bile productions. It also thins out bile (which breaks down fats) allowing it to flow more freely.

Lemon or lime juice contains a high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and fights free radical damage.

Mint leaves: (10-13 leaves)

Mint contains one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food. Mint leaves improve our digestive system and the flow of bile (from the liver through gallbladder then ends up in the small intestine) and speed up the digestion process. They also invigorate the senses while soothing a cramped up stomach.

Mint leaves also have antimicrobial properties that aid oral health.

Besides, mint leaves also provide a really refreshing flavour for your drink.

Water: (1-2 liters’of water)

Water has always been the most important factor of all living things. Other than that, it helps organs like the kidney and liver flush out nasty toxins and waste.


Cube the red flesh of the watermelon and put them into a pitcher. You can replace the watermelon with a cucumber or add up a cucumber.

Cut the lemon or lime into wedges and put them into the same pitcher. If you want a little extra citrus kick, squeeze 1 lime or lemon into the drink.

Add mint leaves and fill the pitcher with water.


Store it in the fridge and wait overnight so all the flavours can steep and infuse the water.

You can choose to add ice cubes or just leave it like that.

Recipe 2: Green Tae Smoothie to Boost Energy

This recipe can help detox your body, amplify the amount of antioxidant while providing you enough energy and power for the rest of the day.

Green Tea: (brewed, chilled, 1 cup)

Green tea is known for powerful antioxidants which reduce inflammation, cholesterol levels, improve memory, lower blood pressure, and minimize signs of aging.

Blueberries: (1/4 cup)

Blueberries also contain powerful antioxidants and release ample B vitamins into the system which promote energetic exercise and expel toxins. They contain anti-aging flavonoids which may help reduce the chance of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Raspberries: (1/4 cup)

Raspberries contain anti-inflammatory properties, promote skin healthy and naturally slow aging. They are also high in vitamin C and B vitamins.

Greek yogurt: (1/2-1 cup) (low-fat if you want to lose weight, full-fat if not)

Yogurt is known for its anti-aging properties. It also reduces osteoporosis, provides protection against colon cancer and fights yeast infections.

Ice: (1 handful ice)

Leave out ice in case you use frozen berries instead of fresh ones.


Slice the berries then put all the ingredients in the blender and blend them until it resembles a smoothie.


This smoothie is perfect for people who crave for tartness and want to start a new day full of energy.

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